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Myrkheim - Khro
Myrkheim - Khro
Myrkheim - Khro
Myrkheim - Khro

Myrkheim - Khro

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About The Dice

Khro are beautiful amberish-purple dice with swirls of misty gold pigment throughout.

A passing wizard had these comments to make:
“As spells go fireball is one of my faves, for a 3rd level spell it’s got great return on investment you know? I mean that’s a potential of 48 damage per target and they still take half even if they succeed on their save! And if you have a big cluster in that 20 foot sphere... that’s well- it’s a lot of damage. I love that spell SO much and I only set Magnar on fire that one time- not like Master Rennack when he set the whole tavern on fire- huh? The dice? Oh, they’re cool too! The colours are so pretty- look at the swirls and depth of colour, it's like a really big fire when it gets going and there's all those colours-” Casimir - lvl.8 Wizard and totally not a pyromaniac

Each 7 Piece Set Includes:

Our D6 sets contain 10 x 15mm pipped D6's.

Photography of the Product

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Who Made These Dice

We are unsure who manufactured these dice as our wholesaler does not list their name.

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