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A UK based company comprised of four dedicated table top ladies who want to bring beautiful dice to our fellow players. We love our dice and we want you to love your dice too. For all those critical rolls, for the death saves and maximum damage we want our dice to be in your hands. We can’t promise there wont be any natural ones, but at least you can roll them in style with Valkyrie RPG dice.
 As avid gamers ourselves we know how important that the product you receive is what you see on the site. With that in mind we take extra care to ensure our photos are as true to life as possible when it comes to colour, and strive to capture the beauty in each effect and style on offer. Monitor’s do differ of course but we compare each photograph once edited to the real set of dice side by side to ensure it’s as close to the real thing as possible.
We will be branching in to our own custom sets of dice soon, keep rolling with us to find out more as it happens!